Tuesday, September 05, 2006

On a day when I was pretty in tune I wrote down these goals for the year. I personally think they are pretty good goals. But I have not been "pretty good" at working on them. Today I will start again. In italics I have written where I stand with the goals, though.

Read Scriptures and other good books (I am not reading many novels now. Mainly non-fiction and church materials.)
Recognize what I learn from them (Write down?)
Apply what I learn in my life
Share what I learn with others
Let the Word of the Lord strengthen me, soften my heart, defeat my pride, renew my testimony
Pray with REAL intent (I have been more intent with my prayers.)
Remember what I pray about
Strive to understand the answers I receive
Respond to the answers to my prayers (Sometimes)

Exercise Daily
Strengthen my body so I can do good works (Curves on a fairly regular basis and I can feel the difference, even if I can't see it.)
Eat in moderation (Nope)

Think positive thoughts
Quit thinking so much about myself and my woes (Woes? We don't need no stinkin' woes!)
Think more on helping others

So overall, I think that as Ricky Ricardo (Do you realize that is Richard Richard?) would say, "Janice, you got alot of splaining to do!"
This is a very sad situation. Maybe I can do more in the last quarter of 2006 than I have done in the previous three quarters. Why waste such great goals?