Friday, May 23, 2008

First Family Picture

A while ago I talked about showing family pictures through the years. I hope no one minds that I do. I read a blog where the lady took all of her pictures off if they had other people in them. She said some thing about it being about privacy or people being shy about having pictures on the internet. I guess someone could "stalk" you by tracing you down through pictures? I don't know.
But I still want to do this "Family Pictures Through the Years." If do it all in one blog there will be 35 of them if I have one for every year. But I think I will do them one at a time and see if I have any memories of circumstances around the picture being taken.

This is the first Robert B. Ottley Family picture.
Taken 30 November 1972 at the door of the Oakland California Temple.
We had just been sealed for time and all eternity. It was all a pretty big whirl and I had strep throat. I do remember feeling rather overwhelmed that now I was married and hoping that I had done the right thing in marrying this man. 35 years later I don't have to ask anymore.

Look at how young!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meet My Ride

With gas prices soaring we are trying to conserve cash, cars, & helping with environment along with having a little fun at the same time.
We used to drive separately even though we work for the same company and on the same street, although not in the same buildings. We have a 20 mile round trip each day.
It costs me about $60 (probably more now) each week. Bob was that much when he drove an automobile.
The MDX gets about 19.3 MPG. The Dodge Diesel Pickup gets about 19 MPG. The Jeep gets about 17 MPG.
We are now riding together as much as possible. When Robert is out of town, of course, I drive. If we have appointments offsite we will drive separately. But over all we drive together. But now that the weather is nice most of the time we are getting 50 MPG.
Here's the reason why:

People are not so surprised that Robert is riding a motorcycle. Me, on the other hand? I AM a surprise. When I walk in with my helmet (yes, we are safety conscious) and my red Sprocket jacket, I get second looks and comments. I guess I project a different image usually.

Maybe it is in my genes?

My Dad's motorcycle in the 1940s. My mom said she could not tell me that I couldn't get on the back of a motorcycle with a guy because she did the same thing.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Own "Little House On the Prairie"

When I was born we lived in this house. No, I was not born in the house. I was born in a regular hospital -- Union Hospital.
The last time I saw the house it was being used as a storage barn for hay. That seems such a historical waste. Despite the fact that me moved from this house when I was 5 years old, I have quite a few memories of the house and surrounding area.
One thing I remember was that when my dad was taking out an old useless fireplace he found a union cap and rusted gun. Wish he had kept them.
We had dogs, cats, chickens, and pigs. My dad worked as a warehouseman during the day and farmed at night. The well was either dry or the water was not drinkable. We had bottles of water. One night I was really thirsty and could not get the cap off of the bottle to get a drink. I played outside and made mudpies to bake in the sun.
I learned to ride a two-wheeled bike out front on that hill. The Christmas I got the bike it did not snow. What a bonus for me.
Maybe I should write my own "Little House at Prairie Creek" tales for my grandchildren. Hmmm.... that would be fun for all. Maybe Dan could draw pictures?

As a side note, Robert's family lived in a log cabin when he was born. His mom went to the big city, SLC, to stay with her mother until he was born.

Oh for the good old days!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Memorial Day

I just wanted to honor those who have honorably served in the military and those who currently serve honorably in the military. Thank you for your sacrifice for the United States of America.
I wore this bracelet during high school. John Foley was killed in action and his body was never recovered. He was 20 years old. I didn't know him. But keeping this bracelet means I will not forget him and that he touched my life with his life's sacrifice.

My father served in the Navy during the time of the Korean War. He passed away in 2007.

And here are the three who have served this country and us from this generation from our family. Left to right, my brother, Walter, my brother-in-law, James, and my husband, Robert. Army, Navy, Air Force.

I wish I had something more profound to say. All I really can say to every one is Thank You. So Much. You are not forgotten.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

They are growing up!

Wow! Where did the time go? These two little guys are not so little any more. Overall, they are still young, but THEY ARE TURNING 7 YEARS OLD IN 2008! Today is Taylor's 7th birthday.
And you know what it means if Taylor is turning seven, right? It means that in 6 weeks Jayme will be 7! And right on down the line they are all getting old.
Unfortunately my children are getting old too. They are getting gray hair, widow's peaks, balding, aches and pains. Did I notice a few wrinkles? Bob says all the time that he is getting old. Am I the only one staying the same age?
I have an idea to do a blog with pictures of our family down through the years and I have been collecting the pictures. Very interesting. I guess I look a little bit different.
Well, better sign off, but have a good day all you old people! Love ya.