Sunday, July 31, 2011

And So It Begins

Friday was basically Robert's last day of work.  He doesn't officially retire until the last day of August.  He is taking vacation for a month.  But it's pretty much on to the next phase of life.


I was thinking about a time when I was working in the book store and how much I envied the middle-aged people who came in who were either on extended vacations or retired.  And now WE are THEM.

Weird #1
Old people retire.  We are not old.  Or are we?
Weird #2
Unless Robert goes for a walk, to Home Depot for supplies, or for a motorcycle ride we are virtually going to be together every. single. day. for the rest of our lives.  Right now that is all right with me.
Weird #3
We are going to sell our home and live in an RV for a while full-time.  We will sort of be homeless.  I've never done that (be homeless by choice) in my whole life.
Weird #4
Next year at this time we could be missionaries.  Could be.  It depends on how things work out.

It actually feels rather relaxing.  Liberating.
We will still have responsibilities, family, bills, appointments, and meals to cook.  But we are looking at these activities from a different perspective or angle or whatever you will.
We have big smiles on our faces.
I am typing here in the dark.  Robert is asleep beside me. It is Sunday night and neither one of us is freaking out because tomorrow is Monday.
Sigh.  What a life!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Problems to Solve

Problem #1

Lately the name of this blog has been  bugging me.  It's pretty blah.

Some titles I have thought of:

Ha Ha Ha

Ramble On


Sitting Here

Thinking Out Loud

Ready or Not

And Now

In My Opinion

So What?

Sitting In The Shade

Over, Around, and Through

Can You Believe It?

I can't stop thinking up names now where before I couldn't think of any.  The more I think of the harder it is to choose.  But I am definitely giving the blog a new name.

Problem# 2

Since retiring I find that I am getting lazy.  Don't want to get up in the morning.  Don't want to cook, do laundry, or clean.  I just want to play on the computer, watch TV, take naps, and crochet or sew.

Retirement didn't start out this way in February.  I was motivated to clean and de-clutter, cook and bake, and volunteer my time.  Now I just want to say "leave me alone."  But being a basically responsible person, I know that I will get back on track.  Maybe I am just tired of people telling me what I have to do because they employ me.  Now that I am not employed I am sort of acting like a kid off at camp.

I think I will add a picture here because that is what I like to do with my blog.  If there is no picture it isn't as interesting to me.  And I will close for today.  We have been on vacation and I have a lot of pictures to upload, organize and share.

Weird building.  We have no idea what it is.  It is located up by Dead Indian Pass outside of Cody, WY.

We spent three nights and two days in Cody while the truck was being fixed.  It turned out really good because one of our young women from Slidell lives there with her husband and daughter.  It was so good to visit with Jacky and her family.  They are cute and generous.  

We accidentally found a great RV park and were very comfortable.  While there we toured the Buffalo Bill Cody museum for free thanks to Jacky's husband and also took this drive up Dead Indian Pass where Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce were able to escape the military troops who were chasing them.

Last but not least here's a picture of an interesting couple we met at the pass.  They were traveling to Yellowstone from back East and then home again.  They were very nice and friendly and well, as I said, interesting.  

Friday, July 01, 2011

Yard and Garden

Just thought I would post pictures of my yard and garden. I'm getting a tan too as a bonus. We are really looking forward to that first bite of vine-ripened tomato, zucchini, crook-neck squash! I like the warmth, but hope my plants do too. It's a constant watering thing since we live in high desert.

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago so the vegetables are a lot bigger with tomatoes and peppers on them or blossoms on the zucchini and squash. Yum!!