Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Elinor Dashwood

I took three different online surveys last night and each one of them said that as a Jane Austen Character I was Elinor Dashwood.

While all the other women in the Dashwood family are drama queens, Elinor holds them together on a daily basis with her calmness and practical good sense.

Not that she doesn't have an emotional side.  She just  has it under control.  I'm a think before you speak kind of girl too.  And I'm happy to be Elinor.

I have often pondered about Martha in the New Testament who was the good hostess in her home where Jesus was a guest.  According to an article I read Mary and Martha both sat at Jesus' feet. (Luke 10:39)  But when the guests were hungry Martha got up and put together a meal.  Martha has a spiritual side too and sat at Jesus' feet as well as taking care of her home and the Savior.

Hooray for the practical girls.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Some things I was thinking about today

Do you think that Mondays get depressed because they are the most dreaded day of the week?
Does it follow that Fridays are the most happy days because we all look forward to them?

I thought it was funny the other day when we received a postcard from the service manager at the dealership where we have our SUV maintenance done.
It said, “Come on in and see the great selection of previously-owned [used] cars!”  I thought to myself, “Why would I do that?  I already have a previously-owned [by me used] car!”  J

We lived next door to a man in Louisiana for 15 years who thought my husband’s name was Morris.  For the first little while R just ignored it but then after a while it was embarrassing to tell him that his name WASN’T Morris.  I mean after the guy looked us up in the phone book and called us and he still called R, Morris and time was passing, in fact the whole 21 years we lived in Louisiana he called R Morris, well….. what could he do but just respond to Morris?

R sent me an email today saying he was going to work from home tomorrow.  Attached to the email was a flyer stating that All three buildings in his area of the facility would be without water for a day.  No drinking fountains and Mainly no restrooms.  What I want to know is… “Why can’t my building be without water tomorrow?”  Sigh. 

Lurkers.  I saw a blog making mention of lurkers.  Hmmmm……  I didn’t make a comment.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I have caught on to the fact that I am being tested in little annoying ways!

Oh, did I say that?  I mean that my patience test is annoying?  Well it is and I am a slow learner.  Over the years it seems that I have not been a super impatient person.  Okay, maybe a little.  But after the last week of being stalled at every corner, stymied at every attempt to close an issue, and delayed when other plans were in the works I have the right to be impatient, right?  Maybe not so right. I don't know.

Dear Tree Maintenance people, When I pay my bill in December, please do not put the payment on someone else's account and then ask me to do all the leg work to find out where you put it and and PLEASE spend some time in the office so you can answer your phone and/or PLEASE respond in a timely manner and to the phone number left on your answering machine.

Dear Alarm Company, If I missed one payment in December of 2009, please let me know that so that every month for over a year I am not wondering about your accounting methods and why I can never pay off my outstanding balance even when I pay off the amount on the statement.

Dear Doctor's office,  If the Physician's Assistant with whom I have an appointment at 430 p.m. calls in sick, I appreciate that you called me at 9:09 am. to let me know.  What I do not appreciate is that you have my office number and yet you continually choose to call and/or leave messages on my cell phone which I cannot carry into work.

Dear Insurance Company, If my husband has three surgeries and takes a bunch of pills why is he insurable and why am I who have not had any surgeries and take but one pill a day and had bronchitis this year get declined?


Today I realized I am a slow learner and that this is a test.  So test away.  I am on to you now.