Wednesday, November 30, 2011

39 years and counting

A little bit of our story.



The party begins.

We were so young.

Starting the babies.

I think Bob has more hair than I do!

Moving along.

Welcome to Colorado.


Mt. Evans



With Nikki


Almost retired



Looking for retirement home

Heber City


The Fam.  We're missing Gemma in this picture, born August 2011.

We've shared so many experiences, ups and downs, travels all over the world, (wish I had pictures of them all) made a lot of kids and they have given us a lot of grandchildren, met so many wonderful people who are in our hearts forever.  We're looking forward to retirement years together, planning on more adventures, travels, giving back, and passing it forward.

Happy Anniversary to US!  Here's to another 39 years!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I have been thinking in black and white

This is me at 6 months with my great grandfather, Johnnie Sidwell.
I've been thinking a lot in black and white lately.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Put my money in the bank

Kyle's birthday is in November too.  I sent him some money.  He told his mom he wanted to put it in the bank so that the bank could pay him money.  Good money manager!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Had a conversation on FB with my son-in-law today about this picture.  I think it's great!  Or as he would say, "SWEET"!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I can see you in my eyes

There he is in my eyes once again. 39 years together at the end of this month.  Celebrate!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

An Empty Chair

There's an empty chair at our house again.  Amanda moved to Utah.  She was happy and so I will be content.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Being Creative

I need creativity in my days.  Over the years the number of projects that caught my eye were more than I should have allowed.  As much as I wanted or liked something, that didn't mean I should buy the materials and frustrate myself by not being able to complete the project.  But I did it, to my horror and shame.

Being creative makes me happy.

Past projects:
*  Painting
*  Cross Stitch
*  Embroidery
*  Knitting
*  Crochet
*  Quilting
*  Sewing (clothing)
*  Needlepoint
*  Some kind of stitchery where the whole picture was made in french knots.  I can't remember what it was called
*  Weaving
*  Tole painting
*  Acrylics
* Plastic canvas

On and on.  It was too much.

Narrowed down projects:
*  Quilting
*  Sewing
*  Crocheting
*  Misc items on a random basis

That was a lot of narrowing!  And as time has moved along, the issue of boredom is raising it's ugly head.

New rules:
*  Start one project and finish it before starting another (Although I will start projects in different mediums to give myself some variety)
*  If a special project presents itself, complete it without working on anything else
*  Do not purchase anything for new projects before finishing present projects (besides there are plenty of materials in my stash for new projects without purchasing ANYthing new)
*  Do not keep excess material from any past project
*  Dispose of un-needed or un-necessary materials
*  Do not plan on making presents for Christmas

In using free or recycled items I am looking for ways to create useful, fun, or pretty items.  They add fun and challenge to my creating. 

I am collecting paper to make this newspaper basket from "How About Orange".   I am going to try this coin purse made from soda bottles from the Dollar Store's craft page.  Finally something I have been trying to work on for years but sure want to finish, is crocheting with plastic bags and table cloths.  There is a picture further down that link on Creative Blog.

Finishing projects and feeling in control is fabulous.  I finished 4 baby blankets and sent them to my niece.  I finished a beautiful throw for the living room couch.  I finished a dress for one granddaughter for her baptism and and another blessing dress.  I completed quite a few afghans for granddaughters since beginning this new phase.

Working on some other projects, I hope to save us some money as well as feed my need.  I have been baking my own bread.  I am looking forward to trying my hand at homemade laundry, dish, and soft soap as my store of these items is used up.

It's taken me over 50 years to figure this out.  I actually feel more peaceful now and hope I will not branch out too much again.  Gotta keep an eye on that!