Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Grandson

Parker Forrest Ottley was born on December 2nd about 135 p.m. He and his mom almost didn't make it. Adrienne's uterus ruptured and Parker was just in her abdominal cavity.
They are truly blessed and after Adrienne had several blood transfusions she was able to come home from the hospital on Tuesday night. Parker was transported to a hospital with an NICU and is still there but he is doing pretty well. Jaundice and not digesting food as well as they would like.
That makes 6 children for Jared and Adrienne: Taylor, Andrew, Cameron, Olivia, Sawyer, and Parker.
Parker's middle name, Forrest, is for my father who passed away this year in January.

Reindeer or Penguin

There is a group of ladies from work that I go to dinner with about once a month or so. We are all administrative assistants at the same company. It is an interesting thing to do.
Cynthia: Single, 60s, twice divorced, three adult children, three grandchildren, loud, caring, but don't cross her.
Connie: Single, 50, divorced, one adult son who lives at home. (I believe he is in college.) Connie dates alot, going to college herself, works at Mile High Stadium during football season, also caring, also do not cross her.
Susie: Married to Pat who also works at our company and travels alot. Two adult children, one grandson, knits, quilts, attends church regularly, 50s, funny, caring also. Maybe you could cross her and she would forgive you, but it wouldn't be nice.
Then there's me.
Last night we met at Cynthia's house and had dinner. I didn't mention that Cynthia is a great cook. She made this stew with butternut squash and it was SO good. Then usually we just talk. They talk more than I do. I mainly just listen. It sort of gives me a headache sometimes. I am trying to do some missionary work and be a good influence on them. I know they do some other things together. Connie and Cynthia go out sometimes to a concert or something as they are both single.
Anyway, we also exchange gifts at Christmas time. This is really all about the gift that Susie gave me.
So, I opened the gift and it was a jar filled with chocolate chips, sugar and flour, etc to make brownies. The jar was shaped like an animal. At first I thought it was a bear. Then I thought it was a penguin. So I asked Connie what she thought it was, bear or penguin. She decided that it was a penguin. But then Susie piped up and said, "No, it is a reindeer." We all just stopped talking at looked at her. Then I said to Connie and Cynthia, "Does this look like a penguin to you?" We all just started laughing except Susie who said, "Isn't it a reindeer? I thought it was a reindeer." This was hysterical. It is definitely NOT a penguin.
This morning at work we started emailing eachother and got on the topic of the "reindeer." Susie tried to change the subject but we brought it back to the fact that she thought the Bear or Penguin was a reindeer.
I told her I was going to take a picture of it and put it on my blog and ask my kids and any other readers what they thought it was.
I showed the jar to Leslie and Amanda tonight and told them it was a reindeer. Here is their reaction.
Leslie: Are you sure that's a reindeer?
Amanda: Where are its antlers?
Leslie: What are you smoking? We are just trying not to hurt your feelings.
Amanda: I think it's a bear. It's not a penguin.
Leslie: Let me look at that again.
Wait till I tell Susie that they thought she was smoking something. I think she might need to go take the drug test for work again.
What do you think?