Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In February I realized that staying in Harmon was killing me. I couldn’t eat. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Sleep was impossible. Each day my ability to concentrate was fading. Each way I turned was a constant reminder of the pain that refused to fade.
And I had to concentrate. I had to remember.
When I walked down the main street of town to my shop people stared and whispered. Even people I didn’t know began to watch me as they noticed the locals staring.
I could imagine the questions they were asking in their minds.
“Who is that woman?” “Why are people watching her so closely?” “What has she done?”
What had I done?
I fell in love. I moved back to my hometown with my new husband. I opened a book shop which had been a lifelong dream.
I killed my husband.
How could that be the truth? I loved Chase. I loved him still. But Chase was dead. Dead to the world, dead to me. Dead to the life we tried to build together.
This is a list of guidelines from Aram Mika. He was a man who worked for my company. He passed away a couple of years ago. Everyone liked him. He was only 50 something. I think he has some very good points.

11 Guidelines for Leadership

1. Practice a single standard of courtesy.
2. Focus on making your team, your people vibrantly successful.
3. Never attribute to malice that which may be explained by ignorance or happenstance.
4. You need not compromise civility to be effective.
5. Stay on the high road.
6. Treat every job as if you will be there for the rest of your life.
7. Embrace the requisites for senior leadership.
8. Shamelessly assimilate outstanding traits of others.
9. Think of your job in terms of three numbers:
a. Percentage of time ecstatic
b. Percentage of time satisfied
c. Percentage of time dissatisfied
10. Discard woulda, coulda, shoulda.
11. Enjoy humanity.

Probably these are 11 guidelines for Life itself.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I began this thought in October 2006

Ethics Principles

To be truthful in all of our endeavors, and to be honest and forthright with one another and with our neighbors, friends, and Church members

To say what we mean, to deliver what we promise, and to stand for what is right.

To treat one another with dignity and fairness, and to appreciate our differences and our individual uniqueness

To build confidence through teamwork and open candid communication.

To take responsibility for our actions, and to speak up – without fear of retribution – and report concerns in the home, including violations of laws, regulations and family policies, and seek clarification and guidance whenever there is doubt

To obey all the laws of our Family, the Church, and the United States and other areas in which we participate and to do our part to make the communities in which we live and work better
This was written on October 3, 2006

BAILEY, CO - Agents with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation said the gunman who terrorized Platte Canyon High School last week was at the school the day before.......

KUSA - Although the Penn. Police Commissioner doubts there is any connection between the shootings at an Amish schoolhouse and Platte Canyon High School, many think it could be a copycat crime......

Nickel Pine, PA - 5 Girls Still Hospitalized; Gunman Said He Had 20-Year-Old Grudge, But Likely Not Against Amish....

FIRESTONE, Colo. A 5-year-old boy from Firestone is expected to make a full recovery after being shot in the leg.The boy's father Nolberto Ojeda, 29, was arrested Saturday night on suspicion of felony child abuse....

EVERETT, Wash. -- Authorities said a group of about 15 teenagers pulled a woman from her car and beat her Thursday afternoon near Mariner High School in Everett.EVERETT, Wash. -- Authorities said a group of about 15 teenagers pulled a woman from her car and beat her Thursday afternoon near Mariner High School in Everett....

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- Officials in St. Johns County said a man shot and killed after a high-speed chase may be the man wanted by the FBI in connection with a murder in Virginia and violent armed robberies in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.,,,

HOUSTON -- A jury found a 12-year-old boy guilty Friday of killing his father, KPRC Local 2 reported.
The boy, who was not identified because of his age, was found to have committed an act of delinquent conduct, which is the juvenile court's version of a guilty verdict....

I have spent considerable time this week feeling sorrow for the parents of innocent children who have been murdered by crazy people. I want to do something about it. The only thing I can think of is to make my part of the world a better place by speaking up about morals and taking a stand against evil. I am very anxious to go on some missions. I think we can do some good in those areas. In fact, over the last few months I have been dissatisfied with what I am doing to make an impact on the world to make it a better place. I feel a need to reach out to others and help them.
There are alot of things I can do right now. I can walk for the Cure (breast cancer). I can donate to places who make Thanksgiving meals for the homeless. I can go to the Denver Shelter to help serve. I think I need something beyond teaching a lesson in RS once a month and going to the temple twice a month.